December 2010

December 24, 2010 4:12 PM | Posted by Sandip Mukerjea and Paul Kallenbach | Permalink
Events certainly do move quickly in the St Kilda Footballers saga. Since Minter Ellison’s 22 December blog post, the identities of the three footballers the subject of the now infamous nude photographs has been widely published. read more
December 22, 2010 4:07 PM | Posted by Sandip Mukerjea | Permalink
The ongoing saga between members of the St Kilda Football Club and a 17 year old female supporter who claimed earlier this year to be carrying one player's child found a new stage this week – the Federal Court of Australia. read more
December 17, 2010 4:50 PM | Posted by Jessica Childs and Paul Kallenbach | Permalink
The Full Federal Court’s landmark decision this week in Telstra Corporation Limited v Phone Directories Company Pty Ltd [2010] FCAFC 149 suggests that the ‘sweat of the brow’ – the expending of skill and labour in creating a database or other work – is not, of itself, sufficient to attract copyright protection under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). Something more is required – that something being that the work in question must originate from some independent intellectual effort of a (human) author. read more
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December 15, 2010 4:54 PM | Posted by Kaela Snibson | Permalink
In many technology and outsourcing agreements, the right to terminate is triggered when a party is in 'material breach' of the contract.  But what does this actually mean?  More specifically,  what degree of non-compliance in this context satisfies the 'materiality' requirement? read more
December 15, 2010 3:24 PM | Posted by Boris Milivojevic | Permalink
You may have noticed when upgrading from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007 or later that Microsoft Word documents are now by default saved in the ‘docx’ file format read more