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The South Australian Supreme Court has found that Google published defamatory statements that appeared in autocomplete and related search terms on its search engine, after it received notice of the defamatory material and failed it remove it. read more
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Although hyperlinks are a useful tool by which online publishers can generate exposure of their own material, they may also subject publishers to the risk of defamation proceedings.  Both the NSW and Victorian Supreme Courts have recently considered whether the inclusion of a hyperlink in an online publication amounts to publication of that linked article by the linking author - an issue that is significant in circumstances where the linked article contains defamatory material. read more
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The internet may allow new voices to be heard, but it also exposes all types of businesses, not just traditional publishers, to the risk of costly defamation proceedings for content accessed through their websites. The NSW Supreme Court has recently examined the limits that may be imposed on defamation actions arising out of online publications. 

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In a landmark case in Australia that is a first of its kind (but undoubtedly will not be the last), damages have been awarded to New South Wales school teacher, Mrs Christine Mickle, for offensive and defamatory tweets and Facebook posts made by an ex-student of the school where she taught. read more
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Ben Grubb’s arrest raises many questions about the law. In this post, we look at two of them:

  • what rights do users have over information they upload to social networking sites?
  • what can journalists publish?
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